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Research department : we are here for you !

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The concept light’s research department is composed by Technicians and qualified engineers who bring you all of their skills and expertis for the conception and the implementation of your projects wether it is for lighting, sound, audiovisual and automatisms. The advice, the coaching, the monitoring on construction site and the troubleshooting assistance are all included into our services. Joint elaboration of your specifications, permanent innovation, integration of the technical standards : Concept Light provides you a technical advance for your customized manufacturings.

Even after our installation, we are still here ! Do you have an issue ? Concept Light always accompanies its clients since 1994.

Designer and manufacturer, Special manufacturing : Custom-made is for you !

Our research department answers all of your problems and designs new lighting’s products just for you.

Our know-how and our experience allow us to give an trully expertise in differents jobs :



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