Amps line 100 volt / public :

They allow a sound system of large areas, creation of background music, broadcast of announcement and outdoor sound system.

Easy to install, you can wire an important amount of speakers in a same line, but also to adjust the volume on each speaker or separate housing per piece.

Examples of uses :

  • Store sound system
  • Cult places
  • Tourist sites
  • Parks
  • Castles
  • Tertiary buildings

Amps low-resistence :

Concept Light has a sound system type live show 2 + 1 (stereo, subwoofer) 5+1, 7+1

The advantage of this material is to get a qualitative sound system, a wide range of speakers which adapts to the place to fit with sound system(LineRay). We also propose an acoustic treatment (delay, tone correction).

Examples of uses :

  • festival hall
  • concerts
  • bars
  • nightclub
  • home cinema
  • Underwater diffusion
  • hammam
  • sauna

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