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Concept Light, a technical advance for museums.

Museums are guarantors of our heritage. Whether be dedicated to art, technique, sciences or history, the enhancement of the objects and the atmosphere which emanates from them are critical and bringers of emotion. Museographic lighting has that function.

Concept Light has a real experience in this area, with in particular more than fifty museums and art galleries equipped.

In addition to the consulting and all the several tests which are preceding the choice of the equipment, Concept Light is able to make all the adjustements and the highlights for collections or temporary exhibitions.

Embient lighting 

Enhancing the space, stimulating and leading the visitor, surround-lighting has to remain discreet in order to give more attention to the works of arts . Concept Light offers a large range of devices which can be flush mounted or surface mounted using various light sources (halogen, iodide light…)

Lighting for an optimal enhancing of the works of art

Concept Light has lighting solutions for all dimensions of windows. The optical fiber gives new solutions to combine lighting precision and conservation of the works of art.

The lighting of the object presented in a flat way requires the use of concentrated light, centred or spread uniformly on the exhibition space. The choice of the beam is then essential. Concept Light’s range gives several possibilities for this type of lighting, do not hesitate to consult it.

The lighting of large-size objects exposed without confinement uses peremiter lighting. The implementation of bright animations, the use of color, a judicious distribution of projectors are solutions to catch the audience’s attention and give life to objects. Concept Light has the experience of it.

Lighting technology and protection of works of art

In museography is the conservation of a piece of art is essential. Ultraviolet rays and infrared are a permanent danger for objects as well as for pigments of organic origin. Concept Light integrates perfectly this requirement and has a range of successful and reliable filters.

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