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Shop light

Shop Light : a range for shop areas.

The arrival of leds, fluorescent or metal-halide sources had affected the commercial lightings. Powerful, rewarding, qualitative and economic, they offer multiple possibilities of spaces’s implementation and lighting products. You still have to know all the features of each equipments in order to have an optimal use.

Shops or food distributions such as bakery, fruits and vegetables markets, butchery, fish market, have, each of them, specific needs to restore at best the color and the quality of the products presented to the sale. Same thought for others kind of shops like the jewelry, the leather store, clothing shops,…

Concept Light had acquired a huge experience in the domaine of commercial lighting and offers studies and custom follow-up according of every client’s specifications.

Concept Light brings a particular consideration to the sustainable development and recommends economic light sources which produce the best quality adapted to the desired effect.

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