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Optical fiber

Lighting by optical fiber knew these last years a considerable development covering all the fields of application of light: museums, hotels, shops, decoration, outdoor lighting …

Concept Light markets optical fiber installations including :

  • The light source
  • Harness of optical fiber (carrying light)
  • The endings / accessories (points of lightings)
  • Concept Light advises the use of the optical fiber for its several advantages :
  • Very high quality of light transmission
  • Possibility of lighting easily difficult places (ex: accessibility issue)
  • Optimal safety : the optical fiber doesn’t transports electricity and releases no heat
  • Easy maintenance : the generator is located in an approchable place

Examples of uses : garden, spa, hammam, jeweler’s store, delicate object

Fibre Optique, Luminaire Alsace , Fibre Optique , Fibre Optique Strié



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