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Produit d'éclairage, marque Concept Light, savoir faireMade in Alsace, Créateur et fabricant d'appareils d'éclairages sur mesure !!!

Concept Light is first of all the skills and the know-how of qualified engineers, but as well a range of of indoor and outdoor lighting products under the brand Concept Light which combine a particularly successful value for money.Concept Light’s products meet the strictest standards and the prescriptions of energy saving.

  •  Led manufacturing on request : LED TRIO CLEDLIGHT 3X1.2W , LED QUATTRO CLEDLIGHT 4×1.2 W et LED SIXTO CLEDLIGHT 6 x1.2 W   “Made in France”
  • CL-PROFILE is an accessory which offers you the possibility to transform your outside projector into a custom gobos projector  .
  • Manufacturing of lamp , starry sky with led or in optical fiber  .
  • Manufacturing of specific lamps or modification: Chandeliers, specific suspensions, embeded by direct/indirect ground, wall lamp, undergound fixture, direct/indirect bracket  
  • Specific RAL on request : possibilities of several RAL shades or gilt with fine gold.
  • New : Evolving range LED CLEDLIGHT by CONCEPT LIGHT. Unique range on the led market going from 65W to 480W
  • New : First projector with centering and projection of gobos with LED technology, the only one in the   CL-PROFILE LED market.
Concept Light , Cledlight , Led Cledlight , Fabrication Spéciale    Fabrication de Luminaire , Made in Alsace, Luminaire Alsace , Lighting Solution; Solution d'Eclairage sur mesure;Fabricant Français d'éclairage sur mesure; Eclairage sur mesure Made in France; Eclairage LED; LED sur mesure fabriquée en France   CL-PROFILE , Gobos sur mesures , Fabrication Gobo , Découpe , Projecteur à découpe , CL-PROFILE; Projecteur à Gobo , Fabrication de gobos sur mesure ; Projecteur d'images ; CL-PROFILE 18-31°; Projecteur à découpe et cadrage  conception lumière ; grappe lumineuse; LTS LEPO ; modification appareil d'éclairage ; GENEVE LIGHTING ; LONDON LIGHTING ; LIGHTING DESIGNER ; étude lumière;Créateur et fabricant d'appareils d'éclairages sur mesure !!! Canal Lumineux Direct ; Canal Lumineux Direct/Indirect ; Lichtkanal LTS ; LTS FRANCE ; PROFIL LUMINEUX ; PROFIL ALU SUSPENDUSuspension Décorative sur mesure ; Alsace Décoration ;Alsace LED ;LED France ; LED sur Mesure ; LIGHTING MANUFACTURER ; fabricant d'éclairage sur mesureCLEDLIGHT LED ALSACE éclairage muséographique ; musée éclairage ; musée paris ;éclairage oeuvre ;éclairage tableau ;éclairage statue ; museum lighting


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